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Fazclaire's Nightclub is a wonderful place for adults! Here you can taste wonderful food such as pizza and cupcakes! Also, the special part: whole nightclub is filled with cute animatronic girls ready to serve and entertain!

Yet, you are not a visitor - but a nightguard. Your job is to keep this place in a good condition during the night and try to stay alive awake.

Night Shift at Fazclaire's Nightclub is a 3D freeroam FNAF parody NSFW game and does contain nudity, sex and suggestive themes. Your aims are :

  1. Complete all the tasks you will get during the night, such as entering rooms or finding lost items.
  2. Keep up the energy in 3 generators located in the nightclub.
  3. Watch your sanity and energy.
  4. Don't get caught by animatronics/hallucinations.

Night Shift at Fazclaire's Nightclub is being developed by Zuneku H Studio. You can follow the game's development news through it's Twitter account where updates documenting the development are posted!

Operating System Windows® 7Windows® 7/10
Processor Dual-core processor, 3.1 GHz  Quad-core processor, 2.1 GHz  or faster
Graphics DirectX®10/11 compatible GPU DirectX®10/11 compatible GPU
Video Memory Shared system VRAM (2gb minimum)2GB dedicatedVRAM or higher
Screen 1280 x 720p 60hz 1280 x 720p 60hz
Memory 4GB RAM or higher 8GB RAM or higher
Sound Integrated audio Integrated audio or better
Storage 1GB available space 1GB available space or higher

Night Shift at Fazclaire's Nightclub is under development. These requirements may be subject to change later on. The game must be tested in more pc environments for making more accurate Minimum Requirements!, bugs and performance issues are to be expected!.

Please report any bugs/glitches you encountered!

Special thanks: TK421,Kuron,Vi-OwO&other discord peeps! You are awesome!

The Squad!

ZuryaAoki— Coding and Game Design

TatsukiTan — Coding

Created and developed by ZuryaAoki.

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(296 total ratings)
AuthorsZuryaAoki, Tatsuki-tan
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Adult, Five Nights at Freddy's, fnia, Furry, Horror, Indie, NSFW, Survival Horror, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
LinksPatreon, Support, YouTube, Twitter


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My power cut out when it still said that there was power left on the watch. I am probably doing something wrong tho.

Did u keep all generators up?


can you leave at 6?

on 8


Add to mobile


Don't add to Mobile, pc exclusive only because fuck the non privileged


Based ass fk

Watch your language💀

ok, and?

0.4 will contain mobile port

Se puede jugar en android con joiplay?


i  was downloading  games i thought will like and this one of the game i chose. When i decided to finally play it , i was greeted with the menu music . i legit  shed a tear that's how i knew  this game was going to be good.

also song by living tombstone   a classic



nice great game too


I'm trusting you man


will it be on mac soon



It's really a great game.🤤


I love it!


hay algun link para descargar papercraft de las animatronicas?


compre el pepinillo pero no cambia la mecanica del juego. saben como se usa? gracias

este no es el juego correcto este juego salio antes que ese
delque estas hablando es el fap nights at frenni´s ademas el pepino servia para puppet

la version que porto es la 0.1.3 y no se si an salido otras versiones. en discord no comentan de otra version y no han dado links para ellas.

ssin contar que tanto el pepino como el destornillador no complen funcion el la version que porto


existiera la posibilidad de portear el juego para psvita? la la comunidad de mi pais lo agradeceria eternamente. 

Is there a possibility of porting the game to psvita? 
The community of my country would be eternally grateful.

The shaking angle makes me sick,Especially noise and jitter attack me together。。。:(


Will add more options to change it for special people


is the devolper bringed the money from patreon donation and  run from  the project is 60days and no news?


Long deving. They want make night 4 which will happen before december or early. After night 4, devs will make huge game re-work






Ignore them, Zurya. We know you're busy making lood anims.


As previously mentioned by others, the phone voice is too quiet and really needs to be fixed.

I also happened to be stuck in a vent that connects to Foxy's Corner. A bit of an annoying bug that needs fixing as well. It can be frustrating to hide and wait for the clock to tick by, only to then be stuck.

It was even more problematic since I could not get into any menu with ESC or any other button I tried. Having a menu button to get to the options and get to the main menu would be useful to have (in case it really doesn't exist, maybe I overlooked it simply). It would be useful to be able to pause the game too after all.

Other than that, it is promising. The building feels a bit empty to me still and it is a bit of a pity that the Game Over screen is a looping animation, but this seems to still be an early build, so I am not worried about it. There will be plenty of updates for it no doubt and I am looking forward to it. This is a pretty promising project after all and definitely worth to recommend to others.



Oh? So there are some fixes/improvements? That is good to know. =3


I saw the bunny animatronic and her steps weren't making any sound for some reason.


it was a ghost then


Ok I'm guessing it happens when your sanity is low then.

nah its just happens
i got caught by her twice in a row with 100 sanity


Is there any futa mode in yet?


Read comments. Dev just answered that question today


will be added after rework as an optional scenes and additional ones

I can't find the pizza slice on night 2... sad... 😟


Look on the comments next time


(1 edit) (+1)

Just a couple of critques. 1. The place you have to stand to be able to interact with something can be a little more forgiving in places. i.e. the button to close the office door (also the exit after the night ends, i don't know if you have to interact with the door, I was spamming e on it and ran into it and everything but it didn't work so idk.).  2. (This could be due to poor management of where the animatronics were) It seemed to me that Bonnie would just teleport to the exit side of the map once it was time to leave? It's a little frustrating to think you can just dash for the exit because bonnie is in the bathroom, but then she just teleports to the exit doors to wait for you. If I am supposed to do something special to unlock the doors, advice would be appreciated. (I had done all the tasks and the generators still had power). TY and the game is pretty fun so far. :)


Speaking for step 2.

Watch your sanity to avoid such "glitches"


still waiting ~! 


We are having lots of technical difficulties.

We hope we will speed up eventually,but  we are working


I might just be stupid but i couldnt figure out how to beat night one and i could barely hear the phone call so i didnt know what to do

(4 edits) (+3)(-2)

 Ur welcomeAnd keep battery with generators up until 8a.m. Sanity restoring is in office (automtically)


amigo mide lo que dices, no eres nadie para criticar el gusto sexual de los creadores, ellos crearon una maravilla digital asi que que mas da si les gusta su mismo sexo o los helicopteros o los cuadrados. son personas igual que tu. no discrimines por cosas tan simples como esta. y un saludo a los creadores, glorioso juego. que el dios emperador los proteja


honestamente veo al juego como una obra maestra. mis respetos a el creador o creadores y me inclino ante usted'es y espero que siga creciendo y sacando mas contenido (sin nada raro como yaoi, futanari o monstruocidades del avenro jajaja). y mil gracias por este maravilloso juego


Any chance of it being added to Steam?



What good news, will they announce it here or in some other way?

(2 edits) (+1)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ On discord for sure and maybe here


Yes,after rework

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you, Great job on this game, One of the best FNAF +18 games I've ever played, I see so much potential in it.


Any chance for a Futa version? Or at least one of them having a dick~?


Will be as setting... I guess


As setting

Thank you!

I really do enjoy the game and it has spooked me a little bit.

I do believe in a post somewhere the developers have mentioned that they will be redoing the map. If I may make a suggestion? Either A: More camera coverage. Or B: More lights. This is specifically because trying to keep track of Chica has been a nightmare because I cant fucking see her at all.


More cams

More lights

Different style and whole vibe


Great game, I do love that the jumpscares aren't too passive so if you don't see them coming it very much may spook you. Especially the Chica one. Foxy, or.. I believe they're named Faxy on here? Has to be my favorite, looking forward to more animations with them.

Only suggestion I'd make is perhaps a vent into the bathroom with the charging station. I've had times where mostly the bunny would hear me and would be no other way out so I'd have to hope I can get out the door before she does.

I'm very confused? I've tried to use the charger by pressing E, but nothing happens? Is it broken? Am I supposed to hold down E? I had to beat all three nights with what battery I had. (Yes I had all the generators on.) I also wonder if there is a night for or I beat the game already? After I beat night three, it just said night three again.

You would hold down E to charge it yes, you'll hear beeping which will tell you it's working. Make sure you're not holding the PDA or the watch, it should come up with a message when you look at the charger. I BELIEVE so long as you haven't let all 3 gens die it'll let you charge even if one or two are down. Don't take my word on that though.

As for night 4, there is none yet however from what I gathered they are making night 4, after which they're going to work on the remaster. I myself am not sure when Night 4 is expected


Is the story mode only the first level?

(1 edit) (+2)

I'm on night 3 right now so there's at least 3. 

EDIT:  Looking through some comments it turns out it's 3 nights right now. They're going to come out with a 4th then start of a Rework.





is this a horror game?



do it go scary screamy AAAAAAHHHH?



Do it jumpscare?




Make Fizzy screen an option ty. Its nice to have a clear screen. Or at least get money that option.


Will do more advanced settings after rework

sounds good ty. 

Also you could add someone in vents like balloon girl that way u cant really cheese the game. Power meter probably should be added, maybe when the power goes out the animatronics become more sinister (lewdier) You already have the fuse box and maybe add a crank to add Manuel power back.

Future content could always add a 2nd floor (can be basement for more scarier or adding and upstairs) This could easily be fore adding more quest items to make it harder. 

These are all suggestions.

(1 edit)

pls add a skip dialogue button

You don't have to sit through the phone call you know. You can just answer the phone and then go about your way.


No need to even anwser phone call

 i can't play the game cuz when lunch a popup say "Failed to initialize IL2CPP"


i love to see pp



no yee

ye the devs are mad gay

ye be gee


Whats your PC OC?

Did you google it?

(1 edit) (+1)

Is this gonna be a nsfw type game like uncensored or censored game? 




SFM option



Any news about the update

You just don't release any posts on patreon or boosty


Long deving. They want make night 4 which will happen before december or early. After night 4, devs will make huge game re-work


Good game! Loving it so far


still need to know if this game is actually worth playing and if it even has any scenes or the jumpscares are just like fnia 

there are 3 jump scares that lead you to the scenes there are 3 one per animatronic but they are just a loop still hot tho


Hello developers, the game is really cool and scary, but could you please add a censor to the posters in the nightclub and, in principle, censorship in the settings, thanks for such a tense and interesting game


why do you want to censor a porn game?



Will add sfw mode after rework


thank you


> Goes onto a porn game
>"Give me a censored version and go against the entire idea of the game please"

> Wtf


my game seems to crash instantly when i move my mouse around even a tiny bit, any ideas on how i can fix this? thanks :)

Redownload the game


When will they release a new update? or will give indications that they continue with the project


Before december we will do an update


Ok, please add a sensitivity setting for the mouse. It is literally impossible to click on things when my character moves like this. I've even died like 4 times because I couldn't escape when the sensitivity made it impossible to run. Please add this


Will do


Also realize I might've been too demanding in this comment, didn't mean that but thank you for replying :)


Anybody else having a problem with the mouse sensitivity jacked all the way up? Or am I missing something to fix that?


Yeah they need to add a sensitivity setting for thi

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